Words In Flight

Words In Flight is a 5-piece acoustic, eclectic band, performing mostly original music written by Drew Brightbill. Though the genre is Indie Folk Rock, the feel stays true to the intimacy of a singer/songwriter medium.

Words offers up a range of styles which includes pop, rock, and folk, and even borrows from jazz and blues at times. Using these styles and varied subject matter results in songs that are catchy, but unique. 

Though the music, as a whole, has a unified sound, the individual songs speak very much for themselves, surprising the listener with something new from song to song. This diversity within the sound keeps the music interesting and engaging.

The music/lyrics of Drew Brightbill (Vocals, Guitar) are at the heart of the band. His dedication to the craft of songwriting dates back 14 years. Drew considers himself as much of a storyteller as songwriter, infusing his lyrics with the depth and variety found in the human experience, itself. His songs span a broad range, from heartfelt to irreverent, sincere to silly, humorous to rebellious.

Other members of the band are Stacy Riley (Vocals and Hand Percussion), Craig Schwartz (Keyboard), Paul Christophersen (Drums), and Ben Allred (Bass). Each of these musicians co-writes his/her instrumental parts, flavoring Drew's music with unique perspectives and ideas.